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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Watch her commentate matches with Graf and Serena in it, that says enough. She has even had to defend her comments on Graf (mid 90s) and Serena (early 2000s especialy) to the BBC team during Wimbledon, they created that much controversy. At Wimbledon 96 her anti Graf comments were all over the new and she had to be interviewed by BBC 3 different days to defend them, here is one:

Richard Williams also called her a racist after her kid glove remarks because they are black comment publised in a Time Magazine article in late 2001. One would think being an open lesbian at a time that wasnt exactly readily accepted would make Serena sensitive towards minority issues in tennis such as race, but apparently not. I dont think Navratilova is racist btw, but she let her blind hatred of Serena make her temporarily forget what is politically acceptable to say in todays society. On the other hand Navratilova absolute loves Seles, Sabatini, Capriati, Hingis, and cant get your tongue out of their behinds for a moment when they play. She was also immediately fired by CBS after only ONE year after the 95 U.S Open for her heavily biased pro Seles and anti Graf commentary. Because of the extreme bias of her work even today she cant hold down a decent commentary job to save her life (despite that she very actively searches, the fact she is willing to work for whatever secondary network will hire her) while lesser lights like her former doubles partner Pam Shriver and contemporary journeywomen peer of the late 70s and early 80s Mary Carillo are hugely in demand anywhere they want to go.
Considering Hingis comments on *****, it is pretty amazing
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