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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
One more time on the ankle : AO : Azarenka v Li Na : And DOWN goes LiNa--not too badly, BTW. Chrissie Ev says "she's not taped" indicating LN has not had prior sprain, otherwise it would have been TAPED--don't ask me why the Scot kid wears those braces, probably came with the kilts. Good demo of how to tape by the trrainer girl when she got her hair out of the shot.

Anyone know ? what the trainer sprayed on the skin ? and if the square white gauze pads had some stuff on them like pain killers ? before putting the non-stick brown under-wrap on then the white trainer's tape--I want to get some of that stuff for my bag-check
It is likely Tuff Skin athletic spray by Cramer
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