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Originally Posted by okaythen View Post
yup saw that match, she still won the 2nd set after the injury. but got injured again in 3rd and lost the match. you guys think she prolly will win it if she didn't sprain her ankle?

exactly the same thing happened to me, I was going back to the center, and my opponent saw that and hit behind me and I changed direction, and sprained my ankle. didn't really hurt that much so I kept on playing for another 2 hours. it was totally fine. but ever since when I hit a wrong angle or something it would hurt. it's been 2 months now.

So how to prevent this from happening? anyone?
Took me a year after my first and worst to not be able to remember which one it was, but after that she's good as new--the BODY IS STRONG--the mind is weak. After the acute phase--immediately after the injury--a few days after--to two weeks after, and the ecomosis and swelling has subsided, I like that Koban type of Ace bandage for some variable support without the bulk of the ACE type. You can adjust the tightness to your needs. An ortho surgeon put it on after my worst and that's how I discovered it many years ago, now you can find it anywhere like Safeway or RiteAid.
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