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Originally Posted by retrograde View Post
Sealed lead acid batteries should be stored for long periods with your smart charger attached (but not a dumb charger):

I have a friend with a Lobster Elite. He left it in his gargage for over 6 months unattached to the charger - this killed his SLA.

This is the PowerSonic battery currently used on the Lobster Elite 1. See the datatasheet and battery care document for good info:
This is exactly the same battery I got with my Elite Grand V LE , probably mine was faulty, otherwise it is hard to understand why it didn't last longer .
The one I currently have is a Panasonic LC-XC1222P , 12 Volt, 22Ah/20HR .
Having 4 amperes more than the PowerSonic gave me more playing time .
I think is a great battery , but I need something with more capacity .
It can not be bigger size , otherwise wouldn't fit in its case , and the max I have seen for that size is a silicone greensaver 24 Ah , other option could be lithium , but no one is coming with a personal experience where you can compare them .
Panasonic costed me $130 , the greensaver costs $170 , and the Lithium one has a price tag of $370 .
I'd pay $370 if I knew it is worthy , but I am not going to take the gamble just for the heck of it .
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