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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Yes, later in 1990 is seemingly the only time I think he ever used a max200G with his signature on the side. As actually in 86/87 he was still using the earlier/original paintjob of the first max200G.
But I think in late 1990 this was the really rare "Wimbledon/US Open 1984 winner" version, not the 86/87 retail paintjob version with his signature on the side! Again if you have a clear photo of his racket being used from USOpen in 1990, I'd really like to see it!

This is a pic from USO 1990...note the two bars below the arrows, it's the graphite injection version, yes maybe the wimbledon/USO winner...the answer is in a tennis magazine where there is a big and nice pic with mac in alleluja position, with the side of the racquet in first stand...but it's at my sea house!! So a little patience, the first time I go I'll take it...

Maybe tonight I'll upload a pic of Wimbledon 1992...I need a magazine located at my mom house!!
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