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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I back you on most of what you say but as someone who's followed electronic music insanely closely for 25 plus years I have never seen or heard a single reference to PvD as "trance techno". If they did, it was either a misnomer, some clueless newb thinking they knew about dance music or, some trance cracker trying to paint their sound in a less god-awful light.

It's commerical dance music not original trance, we agree on this

seriously, enjoy this in its entirety, it cuts pretty close to the bone regarding trance >
page 10: he's number 1, dj mag says so, priceless
the rest is extreme, but it's the sad truth. I remember the spirit of the parties in the nineties, you entered a club or went to a rave in the country it was like stepping into the twilight zone, new friends, good vibes and all. Now it's all standard, institutionnalized.

the "turn your back on the dj" stuff is actually right, I do it myself without even realising I'm doing it in the club.
I almost never see what the dj do...
and that's exactly what they're doing in the boiler room in london or in amsterdam: the have the dj there play facing a wall and people enjoy their party without focusing on the dj or anything else... of course they are always some people staying right behind the dj, but they dont get the point... that dj worshiping is weird but new generation of drugs made that dj cult so easy for the dj's, people coming at them, wanting hugs, kisses, autographs, you name it...

so last time at the Art Department gig in Marrakech, I had a little chat with Kenny Glasgow when the club closed, just before going to the afterparty in their hotel room. Very cool guy, very normal and positive thinking. nothing you'd think about a dj at the peak of his carreer and enjoying his success. we talked about Silence of the Lambs, Canada ans Morocco for about 15 minutes.
The guy is almost 40, he's seen it all, he's been in the clubbing system all his life and now he's enjoying some well deserved but late success.
He told me (and it was confirmed by my friend who manages the pacha complex in Marrakech) that for this gig they were paid 5.000$ by Pacha Marrakech.
Which is close to nothing in the dj world.
He also added that they came because they never been to Africa before.
They came to discover something new.

I think something like that would be impossible with the likes of guetta, tiesta or even pvd or that Ahole of Deadmouse who get 100K for gigs and travel on private jets

So there are dj's and dj's. The spirit of old is still alive, just difficult to find.
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