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Dawgs better gear up for Clemson when we come rolling in next Thursday.[/QUOT

Be serious! Where do you think you will get wins from. I would like to hear that.

We are no worse than VCU and Vanderbilt. Austin Ansari who plays 6/7 for us straight setted Rhys Johnson in the fall. I know one result doesn't mean much but its something.

We can win doubles. The Maden brothers are near unbeatable at the moment.

Meza and Pieters have had 3 set battles in the past, Meza can win at 3 if he is on.

Dom Maden can hang with Wagland at 4. As can Rigsby at 5 with Smith.
Wibowo is a wild-card and can definitely win at 6 if he is playing well.

The only one I am completely conceding is Harrington at 2.

Clemson is better this year than last and Georgia isn't as good as last year. I think it will be a good match. It will definitely test us for sure.
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