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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
I would be really interested please in seeing a clear photo of Mac using the max200Gpro paintjob version in 1992, I've never seen a photo of this!

I have a custom max200Gpro I was told was made for Mac in a batch in 1991, it has the same paintjob as above and has the black grip with the gold "Dunlops" on it that he always seemed to use throughout his career. I didn't think he ever used these rackets. So that's why I'm interested in seeing that photo!
Yep, it's the original grip of the wooden maxply mcenroe he has always used with the 200g...the funny thing is that when he actually used the maxply mcenroe in 1982-beginning83, he always used the leather brown grip of the maxply fort used in 81!! hahahaha...strange guy, isn't he?

jimbo, a curiosity: which is the weight-gripsize of the customised 200gpro? I guess Mac has always used an LM5 - LM 4 5/8, but I'm not sure...
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