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Originally Posted by fed_rulz View Post
taking a stroll in the hot sun for 4 hrs is not the same as running for 4 hrs, if you get my drift..

old-timers are truly delusional if they have trouble acknowledging the simple fact that tennis today is more physically brutal today than it was during lavers.
Ahhh, simple facts.

Young-timers will grab at any straw to persuade themselves that now is the best of all possible times.

Originally Posted by TMF View Post
This is what happen to Kavcic after his match in the 2nd round. He was completely gone after a brutal match, with exhaustion, injuries, pain, and force to see medical attention. He's only 25 years old, unlike 40 years old Gonzales who had no problem competing in the old days when tennis was easier on the body.
Ohh, for Ockham's Razor.

Here's a simpler, less convoluted, less delusional interpretation: Kavcic was not in good condition and is weak.
The results are the same: he is exhausted, injured, in pain, and needs medical attention.

Poof--the tennis is harder and more brutal conclusion evaporates into the hot air of which it is composed.
Step 1: Refute content of argument. If that fails, Step 2: question intelligence of the author. If that fails, Step 3: demonize the messenger.

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