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Originally Posted by Hannah19 View Post
It has been over 2 months that I visited the local thrift store and today paid off: a mint Snauwaert Gerulaitis Autograph woodie and dito Maxply McEnroe.
I passed on a Caldon One in less than 6/10 condition and also left a few Snauwaert Dyno's behind.
Hans, I am looking for a Boron Dyno to complete my collection of Snauwaert. That shop didn't have one of those, did it?

This week, I was traveling in Southern California, and found three matching Völkl Tour 10 (gen. 1) MP's, a Dunlop 200g Muscle Weave, an Estusa XJT Professional, a Prince CTS Approach 110, a Head XRC, Head Graphite Edge SE, and a nice old Davis Imperial with a Fairway grip.

Does anyone have a good source for the Tour 10 MP grommets? They are a rather CAP-like or Fischer Vacuum Pro Classic-like bumper, full-length and split into two halves.
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