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Originally Posted by bosssauce View Post
why do you always buy reels?
I definitely don't always buy reels. I will buy a reel if I a. will use it myself or b. if it's a tremendous value or c. if I know I can sell it to customers. For example, my reel of Tornado was bought from England and cost less than half of what it does here. You can get 4.5 sets here for the cost of the reel there. Since I a. like it and c. resell a lot of it, it repaid itself almost immediately. My reels of WC polys are all for me. The other reason is that I like variety. It's very easy (if you know who to ask) to find reels which were damaged in shipping so that they're no longer fit for retail sale. Since this obviously doesn't damage the string, I tend to scoop these up for like 70% off (all of my Signum Pro (aside from Tornado), Genesis and Polyfibre products are like this). So there are quite a few reasons.

My most expensive strings I do not have in reel form aside from a 330ft reel of ALU simply because it's the one string I can't convince people to try something new over.
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