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Originally Posted by tennisnut123 View Post
Yeah, i just have the slider bars which always have to be parallel. Its easy to do a wilson racket with the atw pattern since there are a few holes large enough to tie off on, but babs are different without the right tools.
Just as easy to do the Babolat as the wilson. For one thing both allow bottom up stringing. Problem come because you think you must do top down. If you want to string top down string all mains on the short side and tie off use the long side to string your crosses and the outside main on the long side. If you have an even number of crosses string from the top down and the outside main last. If you have an odd number of crosses string from the second cross down up for the outside main and lastly the top cross.

EDIT: That is if you want to do ATW which creates as many if not more problems as bottom up. The worst of which is utter confusion.
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