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Originally Posted by urban View Post
With how many big events won?
In 1964 Hoad won the New Zealand tour, beating Laver 3 matches to 1, Anderson 3 matches to 1, and was 1 and 3 against Rosewall (losing the first 3 matches, winning the fourth and series-deciding match).
Laver was 1 and 3 against Hoad, 3 and 1 against Rosewall, 3 and 1 against Anderson.
Rosewall was 3 and 1 against Hoad, 1 and 3 against Laver, 2 and 2 against Anderson.
Anderson was 4 and 8 overall.

By June, Laver had still not won an important pro event, but would soon win the US Pro at Longwood.
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