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So why can't Federer play until he's 80, then? He just keeps getting better and better, after all. He's a better player now, at 31, than he was at 24-25, when he was winning 3 slams per year and the number of matches he lost per year was something you could count on one hand. Imagine how good he'll be in another 6-7 years! Or another 55?

Every single analyst on ESPN claims Federer is better now than ever. It's hilarious. This is the same guy they were gushing about nonstop 6-7 years ago. Now, as it turns out, he's even better than he was back then, but Djokovic and Murray and Nadal and Del Potro and Berdych are just too good.
Can you post the link to Cahill's quote? It would be a great quote to show people right now.
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