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Default Women's Tennis finally has a legit number one with Victoria Azarenka.

After the void the WTA's been in from 2009 until 2012 it is nice to see a young number one who actually wins grand slam singles titles. Caroline Wozniacki was the worst number one ever because that girl couldn't win a slam. Being number one isn't just about winning meaningless titles it is about standing up to pressure, fighting off opponents and winning slam titles.

I wasn't sure last year, because plenty of players win one grand slam and that's it. I think it to be a real champion to be a real contender a player needs to win 2 slams or more. It just makes the player more special in my humble opinion. Winning one slam can be a fluke, having a special moment or a good draw.

But the ability to rise to the occasion and win a second grand slam singles title says a lot about a player that she is for real.

I wasn't sure if Victoria Azarenka was for real but she confirmed it by winning her second grand slam title today. This is huge for women's tennis. After all the crap with the slamless number ones, the WTA finally has some stability. The rest of the women better watch out and that includes Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. Victoria Azarenka has proven she's for real and she's a fighter. Victoria is better than Maria she's a real athlete she trains hard, she moves well, she has variety in her game, she can volley well too.

I expect Victoria to win more slam. Not sure about the French Open because clay is Victoria's worst surface and she's only won one clay court title in her career. But the other three slams Victoria is definitely a legit threat.

The only thing Victoria needs to work on is her serve, her serve isn't big enough I feel she's a big strong girl almost six feet she should be serving over 110 mph or higher.
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