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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post

You don't care what I say, fair enough. You don't care what Landsdorp said in 2008 because it is "dated". Not fair. You don't care what a University president said about cheating by this generation, backed up by facts and statistics. Not fair. Here are Landsdorp's words for those of you who haven't seen them:
"So let me start by making a few comments about a topic no one ever talks about publicly: the enormous amount of cheating now going on in junior tennis. Maybe the most shocking thing is that itís so prevalent in the younger divisions, the 14 and unders, and even the 12s.

Iím not talking about an occasional bad call here and there. Iím talking about a culture that almost sees cheating as part of the game, almost as a strategy to use at certain times to win matches. Somehow that is now ok."

I agree with Landsdorp. The culture goes beyond occasional bad line calls.
What Azarenka did against Stephens I would define as cheating. Others may not and believe it was within the rules.
Luckily, kids generally become better as they get older.
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