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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
My son has already played almost 1,000 matches and I have watched additional 1,000 matches. He has played about 100 boys in our section.

4 are known cheaters that kids and parents are often talking about. Only 2 parents of these 4 kids are known to support cheating.

Another 10 (half of them are highly ranked) or so are seen to make 1-2 bad calls a match. Cheating back was often the excuse.

Only 4-5 boys have reputation of playing out balls and they win sportsmanship awards.

However, my son lost only three matches because of bad calls. One was last year's clay court super national in FL that stunk the most.

The statistics would vary from section to section. In my observation, the kids from Mid*West are generally the best. Umpires were on the court only during the tiebreaks.
I was going to type a long post. Respectfully, this is wasted time and energy and totally counterproductive trying to figure out who's a cheater and who's not.

One bad call give them a second look and ask them if they are sure. Second bad call, tell them next bad one you are getting a line jude. Third bad call get a line judge. This is time tested and works. Players need to read and know the rules. They should also be coached that if anything out of the ordinary breaks up the flow of the match, get a line judge. Plain and simple.

Just play tennis. Leave the excuses behind. You'll be better tennis player in the long-run.
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