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^Yes indeed dino!!! 2 rdx500s in great condition there. Spectacular. **ahem~, december collection.

Gads?!, I never considered something so diabolical as 'keeping the demo'. Would be much cheaper in the long run. It is 'azarenka-esque' though. Then I'd have to adopt that scream that lasts until my opponent strikes the ball.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
^^^ I salute your good taste klem! You're talking about some of my fav comedy acts ever here...

I grew up watching Benny Hill and Monty, 'are you being served? as well, thanks to my step-father. Maybe that's why I got along with all the Brits in Greece? They as well, I'm the only they found on vacation who could tolerate (and understand) their humor .

I believe Eric Idle and John Cleese live state-side, not sure about Michael Palin and of course Graham Chapman passed before his time.

What is it about Brits who leave England once they run into some quid?! Murray and Chris (from TW) come to mind. Hugh Grant and Angela Lansbury? Probably for the best the latter left.
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