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Default Same specs, different feel??

Hi all, I recently bought two Dunlop Biomimetic 200+'s and have been losing sleep ever since. They were both spec-matched and everything, but when I play with them they feel entirely different; swing speed, the response upon contact, the pocketing, the flex, the touch, all quite different. Even just swinging them (or having teammates swing them) elicits a "wow, yeah, these feel way different." I was thoroughly convinced that the specs HAD to be off, but I had both rackets measured on a Babolat machine by a guy who strings for the pros, and apparently the specs are matched.

It's really frustrating because I'm pretty sensitive to my equipment (I wish I wasn't, believe me...) and it plays havoc with my confidence in being able to continue a match if I break my strings on one. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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