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Originally Posted by abmk View Post

agree with almost every point of yours in that post ...

given that, I am just a bit surprised you didn't really agree about the fed/nadal AO 2009 final and the fed/murray AO 2010 final winner-UE stats making a convincing enough case for plexi having slowed down from 2010 onwards ....
I'm a little lost here, what's the connection between the two debates?

If I recall, I didn't view the Fed/Nadal/Murray argument as evidence against the surface slowing down, I just thought it was less convincing evidence than your argument using the two Fed/Djokovic semis. Your latter argument used two players rather than three, which is always less problematic; and the latter argument took matches in their entirety rather than just taking certain sets, which again is naturally less problematic.

Throwing in a third player is an additional factor that naturally raises questions; and evaluating only partial matches, dropping some sets while including others, again raises additional factors and questions that simply don't appear when matches are taken in their entirety.

Still lost, though, about the connection with this Sampras/Lendl/Federer debate (?)
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