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At least Victoria is winning grand slams and as for not facing Serena well that's not her problem. The WTA needs a number one who can handle pressure and unlike Jankovic, Safina, Wozniacki women's tennis finally has that with Azarenka. Azarenka is tough she's doesn't care if the public like her or not as she proved defeating Li Na in the Australian Open final.

There is something that Petra Kvitova and Caroline Wozniacki lack that Victoria Azarenka has and that's mental toughness. Azarenka doesn't care if the media or fans like her either she's out there to win and she does. Victoria beat the women who she had to face and she won the event. Women's tennis needs Victoria Azarenka she's doing excellent. Can Victoria improve? Of course, she needs to improve on clay she hasn't won a big clay court title yet. And as I said before Azarenka needs a better serve.

But unlike say Petra Kvitova I see Azarenka as a hard worker someone willing to put the hours in the gym. Kvitova probably has more talent than Azarenka yet she's lazy she's overweight and uses excuses about her health to justify not working hard in the gym. Lindsay Davenport told sports illustrated that Kvitova makes too many excuses and she needs to lose weight and I agree.
Well, it's certainly her problem when she DOES face Serena, and a legit Number One who has to pray that somebody else dispatches the next ranked player is not going to get full support from the public as the best player, no matter what the computer says-particularly when you factor in dubious tactics, i.e. the shrieking, which more than one Hall of Fame player thinks is cheating, and using MTOs to quiet "panic attacks."
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