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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Murray deserves this win... Is this turning into a rivalry*?

I think the high level of tennis Murray was playing is starting to get to Federer. Especially after their last few important matches against one another (Wimbledon, Olympics, etc...). It must be annoying for him to have another player who will test his tennis and threaten him at slams. It means he has to raise his level of tennis yet again. So you start to see the competitive side of Roger, it's not always pretty.

Still, it's amusing how puritanical people are about this, as if we don't know what goes through one's mind during a tennis match, or that we haven't heard these words on court before.

What will happen when Murray eventually tries to Roger with the tennis ball at the net, Lendl style?!

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* Obviously there is no comparison in terms of achievements or impact on tennis, but Murray is now one of the few guys who can give Roger a hard time on most surfaces and has shown that he is beatable. Murray's tennis is that good now.

There's no rivalry here. I doubt Murray will lose again to fed. That's not a rivalry, that's a rabbit. Fed is now Murray's rabbit.
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