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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
...for this gig they were paid 5.000$ by Pacha Marrakech.
Which is close to nothing in the dj world.
He also added that they came because they never been to Africa before.
They came to discover something new.
You'd be wrong. 5k is actually more the norm than the exception - in fact many play for much less if they can string three nights in a row regionally.

Old associates of mine still do regular international gigs and they rebook a few guys annually or more regularly - with much bigger global profiles than Kenny Glasgow - and they don't get paid much more than that per gig. The clubs may pay more but that factors in flights, hotel, etc which can bump the price by 50% over what the artist gets paid.

As for Deamau5 doing the private jet thing - his days of doing that will soon be over. He's been pinged a number of times for dissing the way DJs play their sets only to have some high profile DJs spreading the word around the trap that he actually pre-records his DJing sets. Once a DJ gets to that level their bookings become resigned to massive one-off parties and so the clock ticks faster than for guys who can play (and rock) local clubs and gigs of all sizes which drive the scenes everywhere.
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