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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Had the exact same experience with two Speed 300s. Matched perfectly for weight, balance, and swingweight. Checked by an MRT on an RDC. Perfect.

And they felt completely different. One felt softer and less powerful. The other, while still soft compared to other frames, was noticibly different to the point that using the same stroke with both frames prodcued shots of very different depth.

One problem in that case was that the frames started out VERY different in weight and balance and SW. They took a fair amount of customization to get them matched.

When I bought my three PSGTs on Black Thursday I bought them blind from TW as they were so darn cheap and I knew TW was swamped with orders so figured the matching service wasn't worth it (it's barely worth it when they're not swamped).

I got lucky and they came in stock within a few grams and factions of a point different in balance. Getting them matched was easy and they feel the same. Can't tell them apart when the strings have had the same level of use.

Lesson: weight, balance, and SW are not the whole story. How mass is distributed and it's form (eg graphite vs lead tape) also influence how frames feel even if the values are the same on paper. Always buy frames so they start out close together and require minimal customization.

And as another TT member recommended, you can go as far as seeking frames with similar swrial numbers to ensure the same production run.

There's a video on YouTube which shows how frames are made. After watching it it's no wonder that two frames nominally of the same model can feel completely different. Far more artisan skill and handwork than I ever imagined!
Thank God, I'm not crazy! Thanks for your post. Hmmm I see, that does make sense. It's strange because these rackets weren't even customized at all. Requesting similar serial numbers seems like a great idea, I'll be sure to do that in the future. I'm not sure what to do now though... either frame would be okay, but as a pair they're not compatible...
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