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Thank you for supplying that background information. I'm pleased to inform you that the board (please see klem, myself, PP and Gads photographed above) has decided to accept your membership application. Welcome aboard. However, just to give you a proper measure of what is expected, as an example, I'd like to point out that your haul of 28 frames in one calendar month is in fact the very same number JackB acquired in just the very first week of January. We do have certain standards that we like to see maintained.


Benny Hill and 'Are You Being Served?'... er, more a Python man myself, but, yes, a fair few comedy greats have originated from these shores, absolutely... Re Greece/UK, I always thought there was indeed a certain affinity (certainly more recently) born of historical events and what have you. There has also always been a large Greek community in England... BTW, Palin certainly used to live about 15 minutes from where I am in N. London. Not sure anymore but he definitely was something of a local community-minded individual a few years back.
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