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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Even sometimes the elbow bend is initially present, and then the arm becomes straight at some point, then right before contact the elbow bends again (Murray).
funny you should mention murray. i was going to list him last night as sort of an exception. his forehand is kind of unique. his wrist at the end of the takeback is not in a neutral position which is why he doesn't get the racquet flip at the and and it's one reason he has less topspin than others. however he does bend the arm earlier than you said. it's hard to tell in the vid you posted. look at these vids. If you freeze it you can see he bends right away after the first forward movement. Then the ssc kicks in and his arm catches up. By contact his arm and body are in sync and make contact as a unit. These are great vids of murray. His swing looks great here.

I do see, thought, that Novak outstretches his arm back horizontally about the same as I do. So is having the arm stretched back near horizontal fine, and is having the take back from your elbow, not the shoulder, the way to doing it correctly?
Yes, but look how they get the racquet in ptd. You don't do that. Your wrist is kind of locked in place. Plus look how loose their wrist is. The racquet flies back as they start going forward. this is the stretch that throws the racquet forward.

Also look at their upper arm from the shoulder to the elbow. This area stays with the torso the whole time. This is important. The torso rotates, the upper arm moves with it and the loose forearm and wrist lags behind. This pull creates the stretch and it 'catches up' just before contact. Your upper arm moves before your torso on it's own then your torso rotates but your arm is moving independently and passes your torso. It's 'disconnected'.

The vid you posted of Novac is not indicative of his match play form. I think he was just starting to warm up there. This video here is better and more closely matches his match form. Notice his wrist is in a neutral position during takeback. It's not flexed, extended or deviated and because of his grip is goes up high and twisted like that. But his wrist is totally neutral. Also notice his upper arm stays with the torso during the forward swing.
This is what people mean when they say 'lead with the elbow'. The elbow moves forward ahead of the wrist during the swing. The wrist and racquet lag behind. Then when rotation slows and/or is facing the net the forearm is 'whipped' around to contact. It's more like a whip type action. Not really a 'push' or a 'swing'.

The pronation of the racquet back early in the back swing was something I saw from a Jeff Salzenstein video on youtube about Novak’s take back and thought I’d try it out.
Yes i know that video. I disagree with it. But I love Jeff. If you look at pros the only ones who have that kind of takeback are players with an extreme semi grip. I have the same grip. Nishikori has that grip and takeback also. You won't be able to find a semi-western or eastern grip pro w/ that takeback.

Is the tension created with the Novak pronation what’s cutting down on my ssc (even though I am seeing my wrist back before contact, I’m guessing there needs to be more than that and the wrist bend isn’t the only sign of the ssc)?
You need to have the face slightly higher than the wrist and pointing more to the side fence. usually at a 45degree ish angle. This position will cause the racquet to flip down and back when you move forward. Look at all those vids. They all get the face into this position just before going forward. Your racquet points directly to the backfence and is not facing the ground so all of that potential ssc is killed right there.

go to sign up. it's free. then watch the 'millenium forehand' video. it's great. he goes into this step by step and he's and atp/wta coach. Watch that vid and also read his forehand article.
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