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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I dont agree Azarenka cant win the French. I think she has a better shot at the French than Wimbledon personally. Although I could see her getting the Career Slam considering even Sharapova could do it.
Fair assessment. Azarenka has modifed her game from her early days to actually use--and not be afraid of--the entire court. As much hype as the scattered Kvitova recieved for claiming she admired Martina's performances at Wimbledon, she lacks the full court understanding and use. Azarenka was supposed to be nothing but a ball basher, but she's taken control of her game and expanded it. She knows that is the only way to have an edge over the competition.

Will never dominate grass or clay, but could win 1 at each sometime in her career.

Agreed. I'm not sure if she's complete enough--at present--to win Wimbledon against a healthy Serena, but she will eventually win a title there. She's no Seles or Henin--two players who had assbrained approaches to that surface and against those who mastered it.

Yes she is a legitimate #1. While she needs to beat Serena in a big match to gain full validation as the best player...
No argument there.

Definitely what the WTA needs, and the rightful heir apparent to the great Serena Williams.
We will see. Of this new generation, she's the only one suited to win several majors, as Kvitova needs a shrink, Bartoli needs to dump Dr. Bartoli, and Woznicaki is a joke in need of a dream draw.
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