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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
Oh, boy, this is definitely an experiment...

This morning I went against the best player in my flight. I was able to work out the double fault issues mostly, but ended up losing 2-6, 3-6.

The opponent hit pretty hard and when we were trading blows, it was great. But I had no backhand. Everything floated long on my backhand and I just couldn't get any rally going. However, there were several balls where I was sure I hit long and gave up on the play but my opponent kept playing on. That was definitely unusual.

In the second match, I went against the opponent that I probably could have beaten with my regular racquet, but ended up losing 4-6, 2-6. I just couldn't hit more than 3 shots in a row. Pretty much every defensive shot I hit was going long. I just couldn't control the depth on my service returns.

It got to the point where I was trying to brush up so hard that I started mis-hitting and dumped a ton of balls into the net. It was not pretty.

Man, I do see a ton of potential with this racquet. My volleys are just solid and few of my kickers were going over the shoulders of my opponent. But I am not sure if I can get as consistent with this racquet as I can with my Pure Drive.

I definitely will keep using this racquet for my doubles matches. Will have to see if I can tame this beast for singles. I have one more match tomorrow. Let's see if I get any better.

BTW, after 3 hours or so, 4G is starting to move around. Pretty disappointing as all poly string jobs usually don't slide this much this early for me usually. I think I am going to need to experiment with other strings.
I would not worry about trying to brush up too much and just let it do its thing, I hardly brush up at all and it helps. You have played three singles matches so I am not surprised with the string moving too much considering the number of balls you have hit in the past 2 days. Keep working on it, like you said, it is a beast that once tamed is an absolute weapon, and if you play any doubles you will love it there with such a crisp/sweet feel on volleys as you have noted.

Maybe i am rare in this thinking, but I like different specs and frames for singles and doubles. It is 2 different games and 2 vastly different playing requirements, so why not use different frames to compliment each game is my thinking, and that 105s has easy power and great feel, exactly what I want in doubles.
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