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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I just don't know why a few players who don't do it don't start doing major, excessive whails whenever they hit the ball as if to take the mickey out of their opponent. If/when the umpire says anything they can claim it's involuntary.
Umpires are not stupid, and players would be warned for disrupting play. Aside from that, its just plain childish.

Either that or, what happens if - after every single point - someone like Radwanska walks up to the umpire and complains? I mean EVERY single point - claiming that it distracts her own play.
She's not going to do that, as it would make her appear like a weak child--particularly as she's played so-called "screamers" for so long without complaint. Further, whining about star players has as much chance of changing anything as flapping your arms and expecting to fly. She would not to call attention to herself.

without continued public mention of players complaining, the tour wont ever get to the point where they're embarrassed enough to actually get serious about it.
..or players could do their job and defeat so-called "screamers" to end the possibility of hearing it for another day.
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