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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
Umpires are not stupid, and players would be warned for disrupting play. Aside from that, its just plain childish.
They can say it's their new hitting technique. Umpires wont be able to warn them for disrupting play without it attracting negative press which is the point of the exercise. It just takes someone ballsy enough to make it stick. Perhaps they could limit their wailing to just under the amount needed to get warned but enough that it's obvious what it is: a parody of the opponent.

Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
She's not going to do that, as it would make her appear like a weak child--particularly as she's played so-called "screamers" for so long without complaint....
I think if enough bad PR was attracted and someone had the balls to speak out when asked the WTA/ITF would be on the back foot more than they like and avoiding the issue would not be an option. Again though, it would take someone ballsy enough to make it happen.
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