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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
Right now, Murray is getting a whiskey transfusion.
What self-respecting Scot would drink "whiskey" before a major final? Connery will be having words with Muzza if he's eyeing up anything but a glass of authentic Scotch this morning/afternoon.

OP is suffering from a classic case of over-anxiety, conjuring up worst case scenarios in order to protect themselves from the anguish of disappointment. The Scot's run-up to the final has been a dream scenario -a bare minimum of exertion for the most part, topped off with just the right quota of adversity required for honing one's game and physical/mental stamina. Murray would be embarrassed to point to any physical shortcomings on Sunday, given the Federer match wasn't that arduous and his preceding matches weren't even as taxing as the average Lendl practice session.

If the Serb does run away with the match in a dominant fashion, it won't be because Murray was drained from the semi.
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