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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Serena's FO record as of recent years is not so hot, and that generally is her weakest slam. Add to that the injury she picked up and uncertainty of how long it'll take to recover, get back in form, etc. only adds to my opinion that she's not winning the FO. I'd favor anyone in form heading into the tourney. I think Azarenka could win it, Sharapova again, any of the good clay courters (Schiavone, Errani, etc.). I think these are people that are safer bets to go far and consistent in the tourney.
You don't say "not a chance" with any of those other players, but you go out of your way to use the phrase to use it in describing Serena, even though none of those players have won more French Opens than Serena has, and some of them haven't won it at all. I think we'll agree to disagree.

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