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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
How about a thick Natty Gut like Pac Tough Gut 15L a few lbs over mid?
I strung up one of my C10 Pros with Pacific tough gut 15L full bed @ 58 lbs. It's been a long time since I tried natural gut since I had a bad experience snapping a new set on the stringer. This time, armed with a lot more string jobs under my belt, it went well. This string was comfortable from the first hit and very responsive. Maybe a little less spin potential than the thinner gauges of synthetic I had been using. As comfortable as it is, shots are still quite controllable. No shoulder or arm pain after playing whatsoever. It's definitely pricey, but I plan to leave it on this frame till it breaks and keep nylon on my backup. Thanks for the suggestion!
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