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Originally Posted by Amir View Post
You may all see this question al lot, but should I quit tennis? I started in Highschool my ninth grade year and I'm already better than more than half of my team. I go to the best tennis academy in Georgia and practice 3 hours a day. I really want to play for a D1 school but my friend from the tennis academy who is 15 in Georgia and 150 or something in the nation said "It doesn't look like my sport". I'm starting this year to play tournaments and I already lost in the first round of my L4. I'm so confused. It feels like I should quit because Im wasting time and money playing a sport that'll lead me no where. I COULD run cross country and I know I could get a scholarship because I've ran a couple times and the coach said I'd be extremely good. All in all, I'm just asking everyone if I should quit and run cross country or if I actually have a chance playing D1 like unc and those schools. I really don't want the whole "Just work harder" speec because I've gotten it a million times. Thanks
Based on the other thread you just started, I think you should expand the type of school you are shooting for beyond the level of UNC
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