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Yes, very happy with it! Wish the lens was a bit wider and had a lower f stop, but for the price I got it for, no complaints!

Here's forehand footage showing the widest FOV. Not too bad, I still have about 5 feet of room to move the camera back before it hits the fence.

The FC-150 manual is the typical cryptic Casio manual- it does differentiate standard/HD movie mode and HS movie mode by saying that only auto exposure is avilable for standard mode video, while auto/shutter priority/manual exposure are available in HS movie mode. It also mentions that the range of the shutter speed depends on the current high speed recording speed (fps). The specifications do mention a 1/40000 shutter speed available in high speed CS mode/shutter speed priority AE, or manual mode.

Anyway, I believe it does work because when I try to force manual mode for standard video, I can set it up to high shutter speed but when you press record, automatic exposure settings override it. This is not the case when doing high speed video, it seems to accept the manual settings with nothing overriding the settings- the videos have an exposure equal to the high speed CS photos.

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