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Default Li Na Too inconsistent to be a multiple slam champion

The media kept on going on and on about Carlos Rodriguez helping Li Na's game. She did well to reach the Australian Open final but she was too over anxious trying to finish the points making stupid errors which cost her the match. Azarenka seemed to realize that Li is too hot and cold of a player not a very consistent player. All Victoria had to do was wait for Li to hit a rough patch make some mistakes and she capitalized.

I thought Li Na had so many chance to win against Azarenka but her silly errors cost her the match. In the first set, Li Na had a floater so instead of waiting and just simply drive the ball she tries the more difficult swing volley and loses the game Azarenka breaks back for 3-2. Li Na barely hung on to win the first set 6-4.

In the second set, Li Na had a chance to make it 3-3 she had 0-40 on Azarenka's serve yet loses the game. I think she lost the match right there. Just too many mistakes by Li Na against Azarenka to win the match.
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