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Originally Posted by Kal-El 34 View Post
Very excited to try it.. Debating capping it if it can be capped. Got some head leathers to put on them. Not sure though because the original grommets are near mint
I've used this racquet a lot since 1988. I don't like the weight and feel with the full CAP; I'd recommend using the original grommet set if it's servicable, and then later, when it isn't, trimming down a MG Prestige Mid CAP to the same size as the original white Elite Pro item. The frame is molded so that it's really designed to fit a partial CAP - you'll notice a notch-out for it if you look carefully.

Enjoy it; it's a superlative frame, incorporating the feel of the PT630, the solidity and precision of the original Prestige Pro, but with increased manoeuverability (with a partial CAP, that is). Why HEAD has refused to make anything approaching this (or maybe even surpassing this) performance in a midsize package in the ensuing 25 years is a huge mystery. Or, perhaps, a triumph of marketing over engineering.
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