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Originally Posted by kumar157 View Post
I am seeing a clear trend when my 15 year old son plays in bullfrogs and level 1's. He starts strong and will be up like 4-1 and eventually looses the set like 7-5. In the second set he looses real bad like 6-1. His coach is saying that he is not believing in himself.
Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
You may want to check his opponent's TRN ranking. If he lost to a boy who is higher ranked, then he actually did quite well in his 1st set.
I know that a win over a higher ranked player is more helpful than one over a lower ranked player on TRN. Does anyone know how losses work in their calculations? For example, does the following matter?

-A three set loss vs. a straight-set loss?

-A 6-4, 7-6 loss vs. a 6-2, 6-1 loss?
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