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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Yep I've got a 400ipro, a 400il (shorter version), x2 400i with different 200G paintjobs, the turquoize/orange gloss paint version 400i (from 1992 I think same design as racket I'm talking about below, and really rare, never seen another), and finally a mid production 400i with the metal core still in it!

Also when you say the 200gpro in dark electric blue, are you talking about the gloss black/blue version with the turquioze and gold chevrons? I'm still confused about that racket, I think it was the last version from 1992? Now that version does seem slightly lighter and stiffer to me (just slightly).
Could you please weigh and measure the balance point of your 400i Pro and post? Thanks
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