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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
I got beat in singles 6-1 today by a guy 1.0 NTRP grade higher than me. I was very happy about it.
Yes! I know the feeling. A couple of years ago I got lucky and was able to play a set with a guy who actually had a couple of ATP points in his previous tennis life (about five years prior).

I lost 6-2 and was flippin tickled pink. There is no way i could have played any better and i doubt Ive ever played as well since. The only way I could win any points, which I very quickly learned, was by recklessly charging the net at every opportunity. Trading ground strokes was an exercise in utter futility. There was no way I was going to hit a winner on him as he could track everything down and send it back with interest.

I am also 100000% sure that a second set and any others would have been bagels. I just had nothing left in the tank after one set like that.
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