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To the OP, good for you... you are clearly excited about this and doing all you can to prepare.

In tourneys you will probably play against people you never played against before, even if you play leagues regularily in your area- which it seems like you haven't. So to that, here are a couple of suggestions:

- When the draw is posted, start searching their names on the USTA tennislink site... see how successful they have been in other tourneys and leagues, and see if they have played vs anyone you know... then ask that person what the guy's game is like.

-since you are taking drills, ask your club pro who knows your game best to get you the phone # of another member who would be a good match for you... preferably someone you have never played against before.
When you call, if they are open to playing, let them know ahead of time that you are getting ready for a tourney and are looking to play against a "stranger" to you see if you can adjust during the match. This also lets them know to maybe bring their best game, that it is more than just a friendly get-to-gether for you. If it all works out well and they were real decent about it, offer to buy them a beer after the match as thanks.

-3rd... day of the tourney, scout the competition. If others in your draw start earlier than your match, watch them. What does their serve look like, how does their FH and BH look, is one more prone to errors, how well do they move, do they lob, do they drop shot, etc., etc.. Look at the dbls and mixed draws for your level also... see if some of the guys in your draw are playing doubles too... if so, scout them.

Good luck, more important, have fun. Keep in mind you could come away with future hitting/playing partners... so no sense making enemies!
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