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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Cool, please keep us posted on the 99s! I'm curious about it.

About string life, have you thought of using silicone spray on the strings (wipe off the excess or the balls get dirty fast) to decrease friction and increase string life hopefully?
I was wondering about that Verb.......

Thought about some spray on the strings....or maybe candle wax?

This might be something to try.

So far, a decent 17g poly (snakebite) at 64 lb snapped in 3 hrs and lux 4g 16 at 59 lasted about 5 hrs I think. (I didn't play the Lux till it broke as it wasn't worth bringing it out the next time...... as I could see the notching was bad enough that the strings were about to pop).

As posted in another thread ( or was it here? So many threads on this frame I can't keep track......) I am going to try a multi at high tension and a poly at low tension and see what happens. I'll add the silicone/wax to the list of things to try as we'll.......
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