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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Regardless of what happens in the final tomorrow, Murray is one of only 8 male players in the Open Era (post 196 who made at least the final of the next scheduled Slam after winning their first one.

By my reckoning the other 7 players are:

Laver (1969 AO & FO), Kodes (1973 Wim & USO), Vilas (1978 AO & FO), McEnroe (1981 Wim & USO), Wilander (1983 AO & FO), Courier (1992 AO & FO) and Sampras (1993 Wim & USO).

No other current Slam champion did so.

Not trying to sound like a **** or anything...just saying!
Vilas won his FO at 1977. McEnroe won his first slam at the 1979 US Open....did not reach the 1980 AO final.
Courier won the 1991 FO as his first slam...did not reach 91 Wimbledon final.
Sampras won his first slam in 1990 US Open.

Check your facts before posting them.
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