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Originally Posted by heninfan99 View Post
Fed tried to come to the net early against Murray last night and the Scot hit a brilliant passing shot on the line. I believe it was the 2nd game of the match. I like this strategy but Fed seemed to abandon it the rest of the set.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall for the post-match discussion with Annacone.
If Fed doesn't believe in his advices is it time to move on? Try a new coach?

Please note that Fed can get to the quarters and win without a coach at all. He may need help in solving puzzle of the new iron man Murray...
Fed texted me after the lost and asked if I could ask one of the TW regulars on the Tips section to coach him but I told him that he's not good enough materials to deserve the coaching of TW. He cried, and Mirka comforted him with some of her milk (from the fridge, silly).
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