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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Yes, apologies to everyone (tennis pro, Towser, batz etc.), you're right, my list is crap. I thought of the fact that Murray has made the final of the next Slam following his first Slam win and it struck me that no other current Slam champion had done that. So I went into my limited stats file and tried to see how many others had done it in the post 1968 Open Era. Obviously I looked too quickly and didn't check thoroughly enough. I can't believe ALL the names I quoted were wrong (every bugger had had a Slam win earlier than I thought)! Serves me right for posting too quickly.

But my central point seems to stand even more. Just who are the guys who join Murray in this presumably even selecter list because there certainly don't seem to be many!

I have checked no one in the open era won their first slam and reached the next slam final.

Murray made history in open era, now if he wins then even better.
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