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I agree and I don't agree.

First, I generally agree because, you're right, she's too streaky - from match to match, game to game, point to point. she had more than a few chances yesterday, but really sprayed a LOT of balls in the second half of the second set and the third. That's always been Li. In fact, I'd call her an overachiever. That she's won a Slam and been in two other finals is pretty amazing. I can understand the little forehand tweaks getting lost as the pressure grew and she sort of reverted to her old forehand and predictably missed a lot. But, her wins over Radwanska and Sharapova showed me that she can play multiple, smart, decent matches, and she kept it together emotionally more than previously.

I disagree, because, simply, she has the game - the weapons, the movement, the experience, and there is always a chance that her more "off" days come against players where she can still pull out a win, and her "on" days come during an important match - like the Sharapova match. If she says healthy, while I don't expect to her to win another Slam, I would be totally unsurprised if she did. She's no different than Kuznetsova who is just as wildly inconsistent and who managed to win multiple Slams.

I never thought we'd see her in a final again after the 2011 AO final. Then she wins the French in 2011, and then proceeds to go into a year and a half Slam tailspin. At that point I never thought we'd see her in a final again, yet here she is, and she had a legit chance to win.

Ugh, I can't stand Azarenka and her shrieking and gamesmanship, but kudos to her. She deserved it and played better down the stretch. Chris Evert called her a "street fighter" and I thought the description was apt. While I generally cringe at Azarenka, I can't help but respect her "I don't give a f**k what anyone says or anyone thinks" attitude. Helps her ignore the media blasting of her after he match against Stephens, and helps her tune out the crowd being against her.
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