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Originally Posted by comeback View Post
Competition in Leagues/Tournaments obviously make you a better player..Real matches make you sharper, mentally stronger and build confidence. Matches also reveal to you the things you need to improve on...I remember playing a USTA National Tournament against a very good player who was a member of the host club. At 4-4 in the first set he lost serve from nerves. i won the first set 6-4 and 2nd set 6-2..I felt we were equal in ability. he might have been a shade better. But i won because i played more USTA tournaments and he played competitive in leagues only..I have seen several players in my years who had fair games but great competitiveness and self belief that made them winners..Has anyone else had this experience or know players like this (who could be so much better)? Or the opposite guys who say " i don't care if i win or lose.
That is so true, I'm glad someone else understand that. There's another thread here about getting bageled on. I think if you're able to learn something about yourself, that's a victory in itself.

Having said that, I can only rally for so long, 30mins max perhaps. After that, I get bored at just mindlessly bashing balls. And then I want to play sets/matches.
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