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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Again, the video looks great with small motion blur. The shot from behind will produce less motion blur because the fastest part of the swing near impact is moving away from the camera.

There is a risk of hitting the camera or, more likely, the tripod. I would never put my camera behind me except when practicing the serve. I put it to the side for forehand or outside the fence, protected from ball impact.

Doesn't the sun ever shine there?

Well this was a practice session, I would probably not put the camera there during an actual match! I am trying to figure out how to add some protection for the camera...

Oh we get a lot of sunshine here in Manila. It's probably Murphy's Law at work..yup, clear skies out now, when I'm not scheduled to play...

I'm not complaining though, the weather is pretty nice now, 15-20 degrees C vs the usual 26-30!

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