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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
yes. straight arm is good but you want the take back with bent elbow and extend at the transition from backswing to forward swing (because the arm is relaxed and the elbow going forward while the momentum carries the forearm still backwards)

your takeback costs a lot of time against hard balls. but I like your contact, looks clean.
Sitting here right now, I can feel the difference between keeping my elbow bent for a long time vs a short time on the take back – the long time motion is dictated by the arm/forearm, and I can feel the rotation of the racquet is more compact as it goes around my elbow like an upside down pendulum. The short time motion is dictated by my shoulder, which produces that higher-reaching and loopier back swing, and unless I willingly pull my elbow in to make it bend it doesn’t seem to bend again. So take back dictated by the elbow is good, while by the shoulder is bad…?

I am not necessarily striving for a straight arm forehand, but I do think I see what you're saying about still needing the elbow bend - the bend breaks the arm into two parts: arm above the elbow and arm below the elbow (forearm). After you go into the back swing (so momentum for the entire arm is backwards) with a bent yet loose entire arm, when you then go into the forward swing the arm above the elbow will lead the swing (with the help of a shoulder/core/hip turn). The pull from the bodily turns and upper arm (which now has forward momentum) plus the looseness of the entire arm will make the elbow un-bend/extend. Without the bend, the arm is just one moving part now and the forearm (which still has backward momentum or about no momentum at all) is yanked up to speed. Essentially, whiplash of the forearm straightens the full arm into the shot. Is this the long-winded way to say what you said?haha

I will work on the take back (see the other thread for that convo), and thanks for the contact compliment
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