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Originally Posted by Anton View Post
Yea basically just keep the elbow down and close to your body on the take back, but right at the end of take back start smoothly straightening your arm (in downward direction since your elbow is still at body side) and relax it at that point. Body rotates forward. What this does is lets the racket fall down and behind the stroke and then throws it out and forward with up ward rotation around your now straight arm.
This is specifically to hit a straight arm forehand similar to what dominikk was saying, right?

I wouldn't say that now I'm trying to hit with a straight arm, but ever since I saw that I was in the video I would like to know why it was happening. Some of the strokes were straight arm at contact and others were bent arm, and I would look at the stroke motions from start to finish and not see much of a difference between the two. I have been looking at many different aspects of the video but now I am trying to just focus on finding what's making that difference, if anyone picks up on it or just knows why, please let me know
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